Did you really think it would be possible for me not to have my own teaching style for helping my students learn how to sing? No way! My knowledge, experience and intuition are at the disposal of my students. Are you ready to sign up?


Teaching how to sing,
is much harder than it seems.

It’s not just learning the general technique and interpreting the different repertoires. It’s reaching the point to where the singing itself becomes a moment of personal enjoyment and accomplishment. It’s the same thing that happens when you put on a tailor made suit. The material is the same for everyone, but some are taller or they have longer arms. That’s where the skill and mastering of the tailor comes in. The challenge is obtaining the highest vocal quality from each individual. Learn my singing method and discover the advantages of feeling yourself unique: You are the protagonist. Learn and enjoy the evolution of your voice.

Profesor de Canto

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