I love the word Production.
implica infinidad de matices y diferentes lecturas.

With its myriad of facets there is so much that can be read into it. Producing is working to develop a product, making someone believe in a work of art. But it is also providing the necessary artistic and technical means for bringing to life a movie, a program, a taping, a show… And it’s always the producer who is in charge of polishing the artistic idea, carrying out and supervising the project, managing and coordinating the resources, hiring and directing professionals, implementing the communication and marketing strategies, and many other things.

Producción Musical
Francesco Productor Musical
I dedicate myself to all those things,
and so, you could truly call me a Producer.

It could also be said that, together with you, I’m the project maker. I stimulate talent, elaborate action plans, plan the day to day tasks, and foster attaining the pre-established goals. Production takes up an important part of my life, although there are other aspects that you may be interested in discovering. So allow me to invite you to learn more about me. You might be surprised!