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Why should I be a conformist? It goes against my nature.


Event Manager: A full willingness to come up with new ideas, organize and carry out the event you need. I’ve worked for big firms, companies, public and private institutions, and multinationals. The only one missing now is you.


Conferences: in Conservatories, Universities, Cultural Centers and Companies, there’s no time to rest! Many times I travel because they need me to be in meetings and master classes. It never fails to surprise me how many people are interested in things I’m going to tell you about now.


Interpreter: You might say I’m pretty good at Gregorian Chant. Perhaps having been a soloist for almost 7 years in the Vatican’s Capella Giuliahas something to do with it.  There’s a photo somewhere in here that backs it up.  Let’s see if you can find it!


Musical Theatre Coaching: I love acting, and likewise inspire others. If you are looking for comprehensive training in the entertainment world, for you or for groups, please call me. Tell the truth: You weren’t expecting it, were you?