I compose music. I write poetry.
I give shape, I give life, and I search beyond the pristine idea behind works of art.

Composing embraces all of this. It means leaving a life behind so it can live forever. The fact is we composers are afraid of death – not our own – but the death of our creations. I compose because inside me there lives the ravenous monster of restlessness. The rhythm in my feet never rests, because the pen never stands still in my hands.

Componer Música
Compositor de obras musicales
Who Seeks Me Out? Who Trusts Me?
Musicians, artists, companies, institutions, individuals, You.

It doesn’t matter what type of music you need. There is always enough ink in the inkwell for my fantasy: for choirs and orchestras, for moving, television series, advertising and radio; for theaters and musicals, pop groups, rock and roll and all types of bands; for documentaries and circuses, for filling stadiums with thunderous anthems, or being at your side during your lonely journey. I’ll be there to say “I love you” to whoever you want, or “good bye” to someone you no longer love, to sing about life, the sea and the moon, and to enjoy over and over again the feelings that flow out of the melody of your verses.