A mentor once told me that there is nothing more beautiful than a choir singing in perfect balance. I answered back that to do that you’d need a magic wand, not a conductor’s baton.  We both laughed, but in fact, we were both close to the truth. I mean really. Getting so many people to sound as one is an incredibly difficult work of art.

I studied Choir Directing
because I am fascinated by all the facets of singing,

from Gregorian monody to operatic choral music. It is truly a luxury to watch the participants in the collective labor strive to create a work of art in which nobody stands out, so that the right plaster becomes perfectly mixed with all the voices and ensures the result is a perfect work of art. Several years ago in Italy I was awarded the FirstPrize in TechnicalDirection, which was totally unexpected and filled me with joy. I have lived all over Europe, and in each city I have founded and launched a choir. I can’t help myself. It’s a passion of mine. Perhaps you’ve heard my name in one of the more than 4,000 concerts I have directed to date. But don’t be surprised. Directing so much isn’t the hard part, it’s shining in the absence of negative criticism.

Director de Coro
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