Each of us is the sum total of our experiences…

… and that’s never been closer to the truth than in my case.Even my name serves a statement of intent. Francesco, that is, frank, free, without walls or limits. I was born in Rome and live in Madrid. My body and soul never stop traveling and never stop to rest.

They call me an authentic musician, a multifaceted artist, and so it is. Music has always been part of my life, from the lullabies my mother used to sing to me with her warm and off-key voice (I owe my perfect pitch to her), all the way to the many experiences lived with the great artists I have known throughout my career.

I take great pride…

in my classical training, as well as my deep understanding of modern music. When I was very young I was already an incurable music lover. I taught myself all the artistic (and not so artistic) facets I could. . How many degrees do I hold? A lot, but I studied them for the simple pleasure of knowing. I don’t usually judge anybody by their list of degrees and diplomas, but rather by their essence and genius, and by the same measure with which I want people to know me.

Soy Francesco Ercolani
Talento Francesco Ercolani

Right now…

…Right now I’ve dedicating myself to searching for talent, to teaching what I’ve studied, contemplated and attained throughout my 20 years of professional experience, and to developing artists with my keen nose for talent and qualities. These tasks keep me occupied all year round, 24/7. I love having a team of experts around me. I keep the pressure on by putting them through their paces and getting them used to handling my constant search for perfection. However, I don’t just share the commitment, fatigue, and the occasional bad day, I also share with them all the satisfactions and successes that my profession awards those who strive for and know how to do things right.