Wow, you might say: You  just don’t  stop! And you’d be right. Now you’re getting to know me. A long time ago I discovered the trick to double the number of hours in the day, so I could dedicate myself to everything that captivates me.

What's my secret?
``If you've got time, don't wait for more.``
A simple saying I learned when I was still a child

In short, the trick is not to waste a single second more than you need to. So, among my many occupations, I’m also involved in Artistic Representation. There are so many who have trusted my management – singers, actors, and showbiz professionals in general, that I find it impossible for me not to thank them for having the dream of letting me be their face, of having me take charge of all the contractual aspects of their works, manage their full agendas and, along the way, allowing me to make their day to day just a little bit easier. You were looking for me? Why didn’t you find me sooner? Such is life. Now you know who I am, I’m here for whatever you need.

Manager de Artistas musicales

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