For me, being an Artistic Director
is not just a job, above all it is a calling.

It implies directing teams, executing strategies and ideas, while also supervising the project as a whole. We Artistic Directors are, by nature, creative professionals of art and training, and it is sometimes necessary to look beyond a certain methodological tendency aimed at optimizing. It’s not easy motivating personnel to produce the highest quality in their work, while still maintaining the right artistic focus and at an affordable price!

Teatro Moderno
When I am developing new projects...

I personally choose and manage both the human and material resources, and assume full responsibility. Many times I am the face of an institution, and other times an artist’s voice, because I always work hard to meet the budget. Being creative, knowing how to unify criteria, fostering pro-activeness, being an effective communicator, creating marketing and promotional material, having the capacity to meet work deadlines and managing people and budgets does not require superpowers. They simply make up the most visible aspect of my work. When you come to me, I will take on full responsibility for the transcendence of your project, with the requirement that a large part of the end result will rest on my talent and experience… My question for you will be:

What can I do for you?

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